BROOKLYN SOUND is a legendary Brooklyn based recording studio that was founded in 1974. We provide top of the line mixing and mastering with an emphasis on analogue recording and vintage equipment. Legendary artists that have recorded here include: Why the Lilacs?Tommy NoToysLionel GouldButter ParadeFountain HatAnd Many More, and many more. Check out our new documentary Brooklyn Sound



LUCY DIXON is the owner of Brooklyn Sound. The studio was founded by her parents in 1974, and Lucy grew up with Brooklyn Sound as her second home. Whether she was playing hide and seek with Blart Fernando of the legendary band Sanitation Station, or having country star Gertie McGunnus teach her how to tie her shoes, Lucy was able to grow up surrounded by the iconic artists and songs that have made Brooklyn Sound legendary. After a brief stint as bass player for the all female rock band Ovariana, Lucy returned to Brooklyn Sound to take over the family business. She is proud to continue in her parents footsteps, and to uphold their legacy in the world of recorded music. 

JOEL BERRY is Brooklyn Sound's head engineer. He is responsible for tracking, mixing, and mastering some of the greatest albums of the last 15 years. Credits include Hola's "Spanish English Dictionary", David Mulloylee's "The Way We Once Were: Live", Mama Mischief's "Christmas Morning", and Cream Surprise's triple platinum debut album, "Cracks and Crevices."


PAM (?) is an intern at Brooklyn Sound. 


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  • YouTube stars Kookie & MIlano
  • Dog-Cat-Mouse-Mousse
  • Josiah and the Teeth
  • Gravy Boat & The Thanksgivings
  • Cheap Crap
  • Shampoo Sunrise
  • Baby Woman & The Bird Chorus
  • Why the Lilacs?
  • Fountain Hat
  • Everyday Dancers
  • Lionel Gould
  • Tomato Tomato
  • Charlie's Missing Foot
  • SHEE
  • Purple Fuzzy Thing
  • Stupid David
  • Ruby Manger
  • Dr. Zismor's Retired
  • Captain Blackout
  • Hefner's Robe
  • Nashly Stardustache
  • Somebody's In Here!
  • Jungle Bells: A Tropicoliday
  • Night Murder
  • Butter Parade
  • Tommy NoToys
  • Mama Mischief
  • Cream Surprise